To achieve excellence in pedagogy and research relevant to the natural environment as well as sustainable and resilient infrastructure, with a focus on quality-of-life initiatives of national and international importance.


To accomplish the vision by nurturing engineers and scientists of the future through
  • (a) quality education and training;
  • (b) state-of-the-art research;
  • (c) offering technical expertise to academia, industry, and society; and
  • (d) various outreach activities.

The following are the thrust areas of the department:
  • Smart infrastructure: structures, transportation, water, and environment
  • Sustainable materials: innovative and green technologies
  • Impact of climate change: Water-Energy-Land-Food nexus, adaptation and resilience
  • Infrastructural endurance: performance-based design, health monitoring and diagnostics, repair and rehabilitation, forensics, reliability engineering, multi hazard assessment, risk, vulnerability, and decision-making
  • Natural resource management for health and sustainability: hydro and geoinformatics, waste-to-wealth, resource efficiency and conservation
  • Emerging treatment technologies: air, water, wastewater, and solids
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