Structural Engineering Lab

Model Structural Engineering Lab for UG students

The following experimental setups are available to demonstrate UG students

  • Thin walled cylinder
  • Three pinned arch & Suspension bridge
  • Analysis of Indeterminate beam
  • Torsion behaviour of rods
  • Flexural behaviour of beam
  • Buckling of struts
  • Unsymmetrical bending of singly symmetric sections

Servo controlled hydraulic fatigue rated UTM of 100 kN capacity

Testing capabilities:

  • Can be used test metals, alloys and advanced materials under monotonic, low and high cycle fatigue loading.

Available Test fixtures:

  • Hydraulic wedge grips with variable clamping pressure
  • Compression platens
  • 3/4 bending test fixtures
  • Composite testing fixtures: CLC fixture, Iosipescu fixture and mixed mode bending fixtures

DAQ & Transducers

  • 16 Channel Digital Bridge DAQ (MX840B)
  • 8 Channel DAQ (MX1615B)
  • Available LVDTS: 0-20mm, 0-50mm, 0-100 mm

Electromechanical UTM of 1200 kN capacity

Testing capabilities:

Can be used to perform static tensile, compression and flexure tests under load, displacement and strain rate control modes.

To test rebar 0 - 60 mm Diameter, multi-wire strands 0- 20mm Diameter, ropes and flats 0- 60 mm thick

Salient Features:

This UTM consists of

  • Contact type extensometer for re-bars and flat specimens &
  • Non-contact Laser type Extensometer for stranded wires

Electromechanical UTM of 2.5 kN capacity

Testing capabilities:

  • Can be used for mechanical characterisation of advanced materials like ceramics, plastics, rubber, individual natural and composite fibres, matrix materials, agricultural products, biomaterials such as tissues, packaging materials, foams, composite films and membranes.
  • Specimens under different loading scenarios such as under tensile, compression, shear and flexure can be tested.
  • Load cells of various ranges: 5N, 20N, 200N and 2.5kN to test low force specimens

Available Test fixtures:

  • Pneumatic Screw Grips of 2.5kN Capacity - Double actuating
  • Pneumatic Grips of 200N Capacity - Single actuating
  • Pneumatic Grips of 20N Capacity - Symmetrically actuated
  • 3 Point Flexure Test Kit
  • Compression platens

Family of Compression testing machines

Testing capabilities:

Family of CTMs with individual capacity of 5000 kN, 500 kN and 15 kN and standalone flexural testing load frame of 350 kN capacity.

Additional accessories:

  • CMOD-Displacement transducer for measurement of crack opening
  • Cylinder compressometer
  • Fixtures for testing square and circular slabs

Model Structural Dynamics Lab

To demonstrate the basic dynamics concepts of natural frequency, stiffness and damping, and demonstrating the methods of dynamic characterization

A suite of experiments on different types of pendulums to demonstrate the parameters influencing the time period of oscillations.

Demonstration of free and forced vibration studies with spring-dashpot arrangement

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