List of Courses

Course Code
(Since July 2022)
Course Title Course Code
(Prior to July 2022)
CE201L Strength of Materials CE2101
CE202L Civil Engineering Materials and Construction CE2105
CE203L Surveying CE2103
CE203P Surveying Practical CE2191
CE204L Geology and Soil Mechanics CE2204
CE205P Building Drawing CE2294
CE206L Structural Analysis CE2202
CE206P Structural Engineering Laboratory CE2292
CE207L Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics CE2206
CE301L Basic Structural Steel Design CE3101
CE302L Water Resources Engineering CE3103
CE303L Environmental Engineering CE3105
CE304P Building Materials Laboratory CE3193
CE305P Hydraulics and Environmental Engineering Laboratory CE3191
CE306L Basic Reinforced Concrete Design CE3202
CE307L Geotechnical Engineering CE3204
CE308L Transportation Engineering CE3206
CE308P Transportation Engineering Laboratory CE3292
CE309L Concrete Technology CE3107
CE310L Advanced Structural Analysis CE3021
CE401L Estimation and Construction Management CE4101
CE402L Functional Design of Buildings CE4103
CE501L Prestressed Concrete Design CE5121
CE502L Pavement Materials and Construction CE5101
CE503L Structural Dynamics CE5102
CE504L Chemical Processes for Environmental Engineering CE5111
CE505L Groundwater Hydrology CE5021
CE506L Pavement Analysis and Design CE5117
CE507L Soil Dynamics and Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering CE5211
CE508L Structural Stability and Design CE5115
CE509L Groundwater Modelling CE5113
CE510L Traffic Flow Modeling and Simulation CE5022
CE511L Integrated Impact Assessment CE5023
CE512L Solid and Hazardous Waste Management CE5024
CE513L Water Resources Planning and Management CE5025
CE514L Advanced Design of Concrete Structures CE5108
CE515L Advanced Design of Metal Structures CE5204
CE516P Advanced Structural Engineering Laboratory CE5193
CE517L Air Pollution Control Engineering CE5105
CE518L Applied Hydraulic Engineering CE5106
CE519L Biological Processes in Wastewater Engineering CE5202
CE520L Earthquake and Wind Engineering CE5028
CE521L Environmental Chemistry CE5111
CE522P Environmental Monitoring Laboratory CE5291
CE523M Environmental Risk Assessment CE5026
CE524L Geotechnical Investigations and Foundation Design CE5027
CE525M GIS and Remote Sensing CE5026
CE526L Ground Improvement and Geosynthetics CE5206
CE526P Ground Improvement and Geosynthetics Laboratory CE5294
CE527P Hydroinformatics Laboratory CE5191
CE528L Nondestructive Testing and Health Monitoring of Civil Structures CE5029
CE529P Pavement Engineering Laboratory CE5195
CE530L Physicochemical Processes in Water and Wastewater Engineering CE5104
CE531L Random Vibrations and Structural Reliability CE5030
CE532L Surface Water Hydrology CE5107
CE533L Traffic Engineering and Road Safety CE5109
CE533P Traffic Engineering Laboratory CE5197
CE534L Advanced Soil Mechanics CE5112
CE534P Advanced Soil Mechanics Laboratory CE5199
CE535L Geoenvironmental Engineering CE5033
CE536L Rock Mechanics CE5031
CE537L Unsaturated Soil Mechanics and Applications CE5032
CE538L Advanced Concrete Technology CE5034
CE539L Advanced Mechanics of Solids CE5103
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