M.S. Research Scholars

Tanay Sanjay Gham
Batch : July 2022
Areas of Interest :Development of Specification for Field Implementation of Pervious Concrete
Guide :
Dr. Krishna Prapoorna B
Email-Id: ce22501@iittp.ac.in
Tongire Kalpesh Rajendra
Batch : Jan 2022
Areas of Interest :Connections in Cold Formed Steel Structures,Structural Engineering
Guide :
Dr. M. Nithydharan
Email-Id: ce22s001@iittp.ac.in
Asmita Ashok Naitam
Batch : July 2021
Areas of Interest :Statistical Downscaling
Guide :
Dr. Roshan Srivastav
Email-Id: ce21s001@iittp.ac.in
Srilakshmi Lolla
Batch : July 2019
Areas of Interest :
Guide :
Dr. Romanbabu Oinam
Email-Id: ce19s501@iittp.ac.in
Sudhakar R
Batch : July 2018
Areas of Interest :Construction Management
Guide :
Dr. K. N. Satyanarayana
Email-Id: ce18s001@iittp.ac.in
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